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Spur of the moment list:

I want to:

  • Go backpacking across Europe
  • Visit India
  • Bathe baby elephants 
  • Jump off a cliff and land in the ocean
  • Live minimally and in the moment in a foreign country
  • Have drinks with friends on the roof of a building with an amazing view
  • Draw more
  • Write more
  • Act more
  • Direct more
  • Sing more
  • Play more
  • Buy a big van and roadtrip across America 
  • Go to a huge music festival
  • Go to that art festival in Nevada
  • Visit Colorado 
  • Visit the square trees in South America
  • Live in an apartment with friends in the city
  • Pursue my dreams
  • Stop second guessing myself
  • Keep this newfound optimism and drive I’ve found within myself 
And I’m going to try my best to do all of it. 

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posted on January 12, 2013
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