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Things I have to do:

  • Read Othello
  • Read The Duchess of Malfi 
  • Read The Changeling
  • Moodle Post
  • Response Paper
  • Russian workbook homework
Things I’m doing:
  • Taking way too many ridiculous pictures of my face
  • Constantly refreshing my dash
  • Tweeting stupid things
  • Drinking way too much coffee
  • Going to the lake after work after Kimchi or maybe with Fresco’s
  • Thinking about how I’m gonna dress up for Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • Laughing to myself about God knows what
  • Losing my sanity
  • Making this list
  • Dancing in my chair alone because of all the coffee I’ve drunk
  • drank
  • drunk
  • have drank
  • fuck and I’m an English major?
  • Bleeehh